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North Dakota Statewide Aviation System Plan

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission continues its efforts to enhance the aviation system in North Dakota, through the development of the 2014 North Dakota State Aviation System Plan (NDSASP) Update.  The plan has documented the state’s aviation needs, will help to guide funding decisions, and has helped to identify the future of the aviation system. 

The significant federal and state investment that has been made in both commercial and general aviation airports throughout the state must be maintained.  Consequently, an update to the NDASP has been initiated to develop a document that will provide appropriate guidance and recommendations to the NDAC for the management of the aviation system in North Dakota.

The following tasks have been completed as a part of this project:

  • Review the vision, mission, and goals of the system plan
  • Data collection, airport Classification, and forecasting
  • Evaluating benchmarks for the system plan
  • Approach assessment and obstruction mitigation
  • Recommendations based on findings
  • Updating system plan documents


NDSASP Executive Summary

A PDF of the 2014 NDSASP Executive Summary can be viewed by clicking the link below.

2014 NDSASP Executive Summary



The 2014 NDSASP has been completed and the final technical report can be viewed using the links below:

2014 NDSASP Core Report

2014 NDSASP Appendices Cover Page

2014 NDSASP Appendix A - Sample Airport Manager Survey

2014 NDSASP Appendix B - Detailed Inventory

2014 NDSASP Appendix C - Full Size Maps

2014 NDSASP Appendix E - Airport Forecasts

2014 NDSASP Appendix F - Airport Objective Sheets

2014 NDSASP Appendix G - GIS Documentation


NDSASP Individual Airport Reports

The following individual airport reports are listed by associated city. These reports are formatted to be printed on tabloid size paper (11 x 17) double-sided, and folded in half.


The NDSASP Airport Manager Survey effort was completed this spring 2014. If you'd like to view the surveys, please click the links below:

General Aviation Airport Manager Survey

Commercial Service Airport Manager Survey