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Pavement Condition Index

To Access the State’s Pavement Condition Index Interactive Database:


Explanation of the Pavement Database

Pavement represents the state’s largest investment for airport infrastructure. Therefore, being able to maintain pavement at a high level for an extended period of time is very important. Every three years, the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission works to update the pavement condition index (PCI) at the paved public airports within the state.

The pavement study enables statewide consistency of the information and provides multiple benefits from a statewide airport planning perspective. This project also allows individual airports to be provided the information that they need to can identify the high priority projects at their airport and budget accordingly. The scale used for the pavement condition ranges from 0-100, with three general categories that represent pavement conditions: Adequate (100-70); Degraded (69-55); and Unsatisfactory (54-0). Airports in North Dakota have used the PCI information to evaluate pavement conditions since the 1980s with the last study being conducted in 2015.

This interactive website also provides another capability that is brand new to the airport world in that it has a “timeline” capability for each individual airport. Anyone viewing the website is able to scroll to future years to analyze what the projected pavement condition will be if no further maintenance is conducted. The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission intends for this useful tool to be utilized to ensure that the airport infrastructure in our state is well-managed.

New federal requirements and awareness about increased air traffic within the state also led the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission to become the first state to also address pavement strengths at commercial service airport runways by identifying the Pavement Condition Number (PCN). The PCN of pavement should be higher than the Aircraft Classification Number (ACN) in order to safely maintain the integrity of the pavement. More information regarding PCN and ACN at North Dakota’s commercial service airports can also be found on the website.

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission is excited to be able to bring a new, innovative look to this pavement study for the public to view!

Airport Pavement History Update

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) Study is conducted every 3 years in North Dakota and specific information regarding the history of all airport pavements is needed during each update. In the best interest of maintaining a database with updated information regarding all airport pavements, our agency has introduced a new form to help with the process. Instead of each airport or airport consultant submitting their pavement information every 3 years, we would like to receive the pavement history updates as they occur. This will allow us to maintain a “live” document for each airport.

If your airport has completed a maintenance or new construction project, please complete or have your airport engineer complete the Pavement History Update Form and submit to the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission.

Download the Pavement History Update Form.


View a tutorial video of the 2021 PCI Web interface below.