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Economic Impact

Airports in North Dakota are centers of employment, and they facilitate the air travel needs of North Dakota residents and businesses, as well as visitors to the state. North Dakota’s commercial and general aviation airports are important centers of payroll, employment, and economic activity. Further, there are many businesses in North Dakota that improve their efficiency through their use of aviation. In 2015, The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission completed a comprehensive study that helps to establish an annual economic value for these activities in North Dakota.


  Technical Report Executive Summary Fact Sheet



Individual Airport Reports   


The individual reports of each public-use airport can be found within the documents that are located within the airport GIS database located on the home or maps page.


Final Results Video

View the presentation below to learn about the final results of our economic impact study:



Methodology Video

Watch the below video to see the methodology used for the economic impact study:



View the Methodology Guide


Legislative Summaries

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