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Aviation Statistics

The North Dakota Aeronautics Commission (NDAC) compiles an assortment of aviation related statistics to help identify statewide trends and levels of activity.  See below for a variety of graphs and maps. 

Air Service Non-Stop Routes

North Dakota continues to provide the public with a high level of air service availability as the state’s airports provide the public with six continual non-stop destination options and an additional four seasonal non-stop options. All eight of the commercial service airports in North Dakota also continue to provide their communities with reliable jet service options.





ND Commercial Air Service Airports - IFR Route Map (2022)

This video shocases all of the IFR flight traffic to and from the Commercial Service airports in North Dakota within Calendar Year 2022.




Airline Reports

The NDAC receives the monthly airline boarding reports from the eight commercial service airports in the state.  Data from calendar year 2013 - 2022 can be found HERE.  Contact the Aeronautics Commission office if data is needed for any years outside of that range.


Graph showing the total level of passenger enplanements from all eight of the commercial service airports in North Dakota.  1,028,086 revenue passengers boarded a commercial airline flight within North Dakota in 2022 which is a 16% increase from the passenger numbers in 2021. 



Aviation Fuel

Another level of activity that the NDAC tracks is the amount of taxable aviation fuel sold throughout the state of North Dakota.  The below graph shows the annual amount of taxable gallons of both Jet A and 100LL fuel sold in the state in each state fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th). In the most recent fiscal year (July 2022 - June 2023), the state saw 1.7 million gallons of 100LL and 23.3 million gallons of Jet A fuel sales for a total of 25 million gallons of taxable gallons of aviation fuel sold.


Aircraft Registrations


Approximately 2,200 aircraft are currently based within the state of North Dakota.  The aircraft counts have grown considerably over the last decade. 




Pilot Numbers

The amount of pilots living within the state of North Dakota has also grown over the years.  4,068 pilots and 1,586 remote pilots were living in the state in 2022.

Acres Sprayed by Aerial Applicators

Our office receives annual acreage reports from all licensed aerial applicators in the state.  The state currently averages approximately 4 million acres of farmland that are provided services from aerial applicators on an annual basis.  In 2022, there were 96 licensed Aerial Applicator's within the state with 191 aircraft that serviced 4.2 million acres of farmland.