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Aircraft / Ultralight Dealers

How To Become An Aircraft Dealer In North Dakota

The State of North Dakota has provisions for becoming an Aircraft/Ultralight Dealer which can be found in NDCC 2-08. You may apply for a dealers license by completing the North Dakota Application For Dealer's License form.

The fee for an aircraft dealer's license is $150.00 and $50.00 for an ultralight dealer's license. The license fee must be submitted with the application and is non-refundable.

If the dealer is applying for both types of licenses at the same location, both fees will apply and can be applied for on one application. However, when separate business locations are involved, separate license applications must be submitted for each location. The Aeronautics Commission shall issue licenses only to dealers that maintain a permanent place of business on an airport open for public use, whether publicly or privately owned, in the state of North Dakota, with runway length, aprons, and safe aircraft approaches adequate for fixed wing aircraft or helicopters of the type sold by such a dealer.

An established central place on the airport means that such dealer has an enclosed office, building or structure owned or leased with adequate facilities and equipment for the maintenance, service, and repair of aircraft.

The dealer shall maintain business records in the dealer's place of business. The dealer's place of business must be adequate to conduct an aircraft dealer's business where selling, trading, and bartering or aircraft may be conducted and may not be a residence or temporary quarters or so-called permanent quarters occupied pursuant to temporary arrangements.

An applicant for an aircraft dealer's license cannot qualify with only a privately owned aircraft hangar as a place of business, which is usually used for storage of aircraft on an airport open for public use.

To qualify as an aircraft dealer, the dealer must maintain an aircraft or helicopter service and repair shop on an airport open for public use with a minimum of five thousand dollars in tools, equipment, aircraft parts, and supplies, as determined by a representative of the director of the Aeronautics Commission.

The Aeronautics Commission has the discretion to issue a license after inspection and approval of the aircraft dealer's facilities. Upon approval, one demonstrator aircraft registration will be issued at no cost. Additional demonstrator aircraft registrations may be purchased for $10.00 each.The sale of each aircraft on a dealer certificate must be reported to the ND Aeronautics Commission using form SFN 11630.  Adding to your inventory? Click here.

All aircraft and ultralight dealer's licenses expire on December 31st of the year issued.